We are here.

We have arrived.

You need us.

We are Necessary Monsters.

Necessary Monsters are a travelling, collaborative, creative arts movement. At times they are are a pop band, at time they are a craft circle, at time they are a micro-brewery, at time they are seance. They are not what you want them to be. They are what you need them to be.

All of this. None of this. And so much more.

They were born as a one day festival in Portland, Oregon. A day committed to the act of creation, and the act of communication. There was a jumble sale, a craft sale, pop-up cafes and restaurants. We had a “skills-swap” tent in the centre, where participants brought their gift to share with others. People were exchanging acupuncture for financial advice, haircuts for pilates sessions, piano lessons for web design. We had candle-making, drum circles and our patented ‘Story Huts’, were people would share a story (true or fiction) in front of the room. No judgement – only reception.

Communication as Creation.

Creation is Communication.

They were Necessary Monsters. We all were Necessary Monsters.

People ate. People shared. People laughed. People cried. And at the end of the night, we took the stage, and shared some music we had been working on over the last few months. 30 minutes later, and our band had doubled in size. People joined us on stage, adding bongos, harmonica and banjo to the group. The band itself broke apart and wandered through the crowd – the music still playing.

Dissolution. Decentralization. Creation – Destruction – Creation.

People danced.

Since that beautiful day, we have staged similar events around the country, and taken part in numerous smaller projects, in caf├ęs, homes, garages, forests and graveyards.

We will meet you there.

You will create. We will create.

We will live.

We are Necessary Monsters.

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