Van Drivers Needed!

Hello to all you Necessary Monsters and Monster fans out there!

You know that we here at Necessary Monsters believe in community, and sharing, and giving, and working together. Well of course, you know that works both ways – so here is our first (of many) requests for help. But we’re not just going to ask for money, or to send us stuff or anything like that. We want you to join the team – our team is ever changing and fluid anyway.

Right now we need drivers, van driver, bus drivers, ANYTHING drivers!

cmperJoel, founder member of Necessary Monsters, has done the lion’s share of driving for us up to this point. Many of our local adventures have started with us all piling into the back of his Volkswagen camper van, crammed full of instruments, craft materials, portable spinning wheels and kilns and whatever else the day called for! Joel would happily (usually) take us from A to B, often involving several trips and many a sing-a-long!

Well, in what is undoubtedly FANTASTIC news, Joel’s beautiful partner Annie has just announced that they are expecting their first child. They are two such fantastic people, that this child shall surely be a leader amongst us! He will lead the revolution, discover free energy, end world hunger and be great with hugs! Unfortunately for us, Joel has decided that this means he will be less available to travel with us when we go around the country, and also less available to drive us around our own city.

It’s okay Joel, we understand. We forgive you! xx

So we are putting the call out there for drivers (until these guys start working for cookies and high fives). Either drivers here in our own fair city of Portland, or drivers anywhere around the country (maybe around the world!? I’m sure sometime we will travel beyond these borders, and having someone pick us up at the airport will be much appreciated! Especially if you drive on the wrong side of the road – I’m looking at you, Britain!).

Do you have a van? A truck? A spare train?

Are you a good mechanic? A good fixer of cars (and fixer of those who drive cars?) ?

If you can help us out even once it would be truly appreciated, and we would be more than happy to welcome you into the family of Necessary Monsters! If you like driving. freeways, flasks of hot tea, guitar sing-a-longs, unplanned stops to admire scenery, a group of full-hearted young idealists redecorating your fan with pictures of monsters, and most of all, creating, sharing and being one with the community, IF THIS SOUNDS LIKE YOU then please contact us and let us know your details!

If  the above paragraph sounds like fun to you, then we think you would be perfect for us. You might just be a Necessary Monster!


If you live in another city and are familiar with our work, AND you can drive, then please get in touch and let us know. We can get trains/planes/not automobiles to your city and then you can take it from there! You will make friends and change lives, we promise you!

Get in touch, potential Monsters!

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