Voter Registration Drive

The Necessary Monsters spent a wonderful weekend this month giving a little something back to the city that has given us so much. In the first large scale project under the banner of ‘Community Action’ we organised a Voter Registration Drive to get people registered for the upcoming midterm elections.

We want every last person in this city registered to vote!

In fact, every last person in the state – and the country.

We would say the world, but of course there are many places in the world where people cannot register to vote – because they do not have the democratic context in which to vote. This is a tragedy, as we believe in a free and democratic world. But it is what makes us realise, as American citizens, that we are truly blessed to live in a country where we can vote.

We are a non-partisan group. Looking at US politics over the last decade or so, we believeĀ both sides have been equally ineffective. Congress has been deadlocked for too long. People don’t believe in politics anymore. And as such, voter numbers are down all over the country.

Well, we decided we would do the little that we can do, and show anyone watching that there are still people here that care.

We want to involve others, we want to be involved.

We want to hear your voice, we want our voices to be heard.

We will shout loud enough that they will hear us all over this land.

votersEach journey begins with a single step, and so we hit the streets in our very own city to register as many people to vote as we could – and to encourage them to encourage others! We got mobilized to help others get mobilized!

Of course, we wouldn’t be Necessary Monsters if we didn’t do things with as much creativity and fun as we could. So we hit the road with a travelling band, and an old ice-cream wagon (like you see on the beach) re-purposed to be a travelling voter registration wagon. Bright colours, balloons, music, singing, dancing – who says politics has to be boring!

Big thanks to the good people at Do Something, whose advice we followed on how to organise a voter registration drive, all of which was enormously helpful. We made ourselves a travelling jamboree of good times, because it is not legal in this state to exchange treats or presents for people’s registration – but there’s no law saying you can’t sing songs and gave a fun time while you do it!

The results were fantastic, and as well as registering people to vote, we also spread the word about Necessary Monsters (something we don’t have to be non-partisan about!). Like a snowball of delightfulness, we gathered volunteers everywhere we went, so that the team was growing as it was moving. All this gave us more reach and impact than we thought possible.

For five straight days we did this, each day targeting different areas of the city, each day meet new people, making new friends, and having a good time.

We are prodding the shoulder of the sleeping giant that is true American democracy.

Wake up. Necessary Monsters are here.

Wake up!


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