Art Pieces Made with Chainsaws

Art Pieces Made with Chainsaws1We all know chainsaws are a device used for cutting trees or logs into smaller blocks. However, there are people who have made more out of this seemingly scary device. Instead of simply cutting trees, they have used chainsaws to transform these logs into works of art. It is called chainsaw sculpting. It is where artists try to create a figure or an object out wood. Instead of the usual sculpting materials, they use chainsaws.

Of course, this is not an easy task. Chainsaws are huge and are a lot more difficult to control. There is a good chance that you will just cut the entire piece of wood without achieving anything aesthetically appealing. There are also a lot of details that can’t be seen when the usual wood sculpting materials are not used. This is where the skills of these artists come in. They need total muscle control. It would take weeks or even months to finish a piece of art.

There are groups that have taken this to the next level. Instead of creating just one work of art, they tour around different places to conduct a show. During the wood sculpting show, they create an artwork in just a few minutes. They work as fast as they could and this leaves the people breathless. Who wouldn’t? Most people could not even come close to a chainsaw, let alone create an artwork out of it.

Landscape art

There are also those who use chainsaws to create a beautiful landscape. They trim down plants and decorate them using just chainsaws. Usually, experts use gardening tools to create something artistic out of the plants. However, these sculptors would use chainsaws and come up with something magnificent. Just like wood sculpting, this also takes muscle control and creativity. In fact, there are those who offer their services to homeowners who wish to have something unique on their lawn.

Learn the skill

Obviously, this is an extremely difficult art form and not everyone can learn it. These experts make it look easy, but they have also gone through a lot before achieving greatness. They have spent countless hours just to get the job done. If you wish to learn the skill, then you better start by buying the best chainsaw for the money. It helps a lot if you have a high quality and modern chainsaw which is easier to control. You may check out the best chainsaws buying guide so you will have an idea on which of the choice fit you best.

You need to learn the basics first. You have to properly handle the device before you can proceed with the more difficult skills. Once you get the hang of it, you can start sculpting smaller items. Later on, you can move on to more difficult techniques up until you become a full pledged artist. You will soon realize that this is an effort that could pay off. Those who have tried selling their artworks before have gotten a lot of money in return.

Drinking Healthy Anytime, Anywhere

Drinking Healthy Anytime, AnywhereWhen you live in big cities like New York or Los Angeles, the temptation of drinking unhealthy beverages will always be there. They are available in various stores. When you are thirsty, you can just head to the nearest convenience store and buy a soda. You can even get one from vending machines. However, if you are in search for something organic, it might be difficult to find. This is not like when you are in a rural area. Finding a store that sells organic juice is very easy. If you can find one in New York, the price might be crazy high. Of course, these products have to be delivered to the state and it costs a lot.

Despite all these reasons, you still need to live a healthy lifestyle. No matter how difficult it is for you to resist temptation, you need to stay strong. It takes a lot of courage and effort. However, this lifestyle pays off. You become less prone to diseases. You also feel refreshed at all times. You don’t run the risk of getting life-threatening illnesses. Therefore, no matter how tempting it is, you need to focus.

If price is the issue, then the option is to buy a juicer.

Benefits of having a juicer

When you have a juicer at home, you won’t have to buy elsewhere. This reduces the price drastically. You simply need to buy the fruits that you want to turn into juice. The fruits may still be expensive if you are from New York, but at least you can buy in bulk. You can turn them into juice any time you want and they can make several glasses. This is not like buying a glass in a juice shop where your dollar won’t go a long way.

Another benefit of having a juicer is that it makes you resist temptation all the time. When you feel thirsty, you know that you can just head to the kitchen and prepare an organic juice. When you are traveling, you can place the juice on a container and you are good to go. Therefore, any time you feel thirsty, you just get the bottle inside your bag and you won’t have to buy soda or beer anymore.

Buy a juicer now

If you really wish to stay healthy, you need to make changes in your lifestyle now. You must not keep making excuses just because you are from a big city. Whether you reside in a highly urbanized area or in a rural state, you need to stay healthy. It is in fact a bigger challenge when you are from New York as there are many things that could make you unhealthy such as pollution.

Staying healthy is a conscious effort. You need to do everything you can to keep this lifestyle. For now, you can buy the best juicer by checking out this website. You may also read juicer reviews and comparison charts to help you decide which juicer to buy.

A High Powered Job is Not an Excuse to For Being a Bad Parent

A High Powered Job is Not an Excuse to For Being a Bad ParentIt is common for parents who have high-powered careers to excuse themselves for not spending time with their kids. They say that whatever time they spend for their work is also a time that they give for their kids. This is true especially since the money that they earn will go to their kids anyway. They always say that they work hard to secure the future of their children.

This is true especially for New York residents. When you are in New York and your career is very important, you are willing to sacrifice everything else, including your family. In this state, everything moves fast. If you can’t do your job right, someone else can easily replace you. Therefore, if you can’t choose in between parenthood and career, then you will surely suffer.

Time management

In reality, the key to balance everything out is time management. No matter how busy you are with work, you need to find time for your kids and there should be no compromise to that. There should be one day in a week where you have to leave everything related to job behind just to spend time with your child. Take note that parents who are distant to their child at a young age end up having a bad relationship with their kids as they grow older. Of course, you don’t want to be like these parents. You want to maintain a good relationship now and even as they grow older.

A family Sunday

No matter what happens, there should be a family Sunday. Whether you are a Christian or not, you must see to it that you observe Sunday as a holy day, not necessarily on a spiritual way. It is holy because it is family time.

When you are in New York, you have a lot of places to stroll around. Of course, the huge Central Park is there for you to spend time with your family. You can enjoy the animals or just walk around. You may also look for smaller parks where they are places for kids to have fun. You may also take your family to shop or eat out at least once a week. You must not miss on this chance no matter how busy you are. There is no excuse. Once you skip one, you will have a habit of doing it over and over again.

Making it easy

Preparing your kids to go out of the house might take a lot of time. If you want to maximize whatever time you have with them, you need to check out the best double stroller from When you have a baby, this is such a huge help. You simply have to place your baby on the stroller and you can easily walk around. You can also place all essential items on the other side of the stroller. You may check out newborn best double stroller reviews if you wish to get a clearer idea on which brand to buy.

Whether you reside in New York or anywhere in the world, you must strive hard to be a great parent.

Join in the Campaign to Promote Cross Fit

Join in the Campaign to Promote Cross FitThough cross fit is simply an exercise technique, it can also be considered an art. In fact, it is so complex that there is no generally correct way to do things. It is ultimately up to you on how you can achieve difficult stunts. If it requires group efforts, then you also have to be creative as a group. In one way or another, you are like artists who have to find a way to perform difficult stunts and manage to survive without injuries.

Just like other art forms, cross fit also needs to be noticed. Though it has garnered popularity lately, it is still ignored by many people. One of the reasons why it does not hold ground is because it is deemed as a difficult exercise. Most people back out as soon as they see how difficult the stunts are. They immediately give up because those who are doing the challenge seem to exert their entire efforts just to do it. There are a lot of people who don’t want to go through such a process.

However, beyond the painstaking process is a great result. When you desire to lose weight, you can immediately see the effects when you do cross fit. When you want to get ripped abs or even just to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is now possible when you do cross fit. This is why the need to campaign this exercise must be highlighted.

Outdoor cross fit

Cross fit exercises are no longer just done inside the gym. In fact, more cross fit enthusiasts are doing it outdoors now. This is for most people to see. They do it on a park, open field, gymnasium and other places where there are potential crowds. The point is to make sure that more people will be enticed to try it out. There are also booths where beginners are trained on the spot. There are registration desks too just in case they want to start, but not during that day.

You can be a part

If you are not yet a cross fit enthusiast, then you can start to be one so later on you can join the campaign. You can travel with the group to promote cross fit. Take note that this is not just to show to the people that you can do difficult stunts. It is a way of promoting a healthier lifestyle. If you think you are suffering from weight issues, there people who suffer from a more difficult situation. In promoting cross fit, you are also helping them out.

Of course, it is important to ensure safety when doing cross fit exercises. Therefore, you need to wear the best women’s crossfit shoes. You need to show to them that you also prioritize safety about anything else. When using the best shoes for crossfit training, you protect your body especially from impact brought about by the intensity of cross fit. You must also remind everyone that wearing the right shoes is a must when doing cross fit.

Before Creating Art, Start by Cleaning Up Your Studio

Before Creating Art, Start by Cleaning Up Your StudioWhen people think about an art studio, they think of a very messy place. There is paint all over, spilled liquids, unfinished artwork and all other sorts of dirt. Though this is a very bad stereotype, there is some truth into it. However, you can always change this stereotype by making your studio, wherever it may be, really clean.

You can start by cleaning the floor. It has to look perfect. When it is totally clean, you don’t want it to look dirty again. Go and get a steam mop. This is great since it won’t just clean on the surface, but it goes deep down. The good thing about steam mops is that they are easy to use. If you are lazy and you hate spending time cleaning, then this will make the job easier. It is time to buy the best steam mop now and start cleaning. You may also read steam mop reviews to guide you in choosing the right brand and model.

Arrange your equipment and tools

When the floor is clean, the next things to deal with are your tools and equipment. Make sure that they are organized. When you are in the middle of your work, you don’t want to be disturbed. You want everything to go on really smoothly. Thus, it helps if your tools are well-arranged. When you need one, you can easily find it. It also helps if the tools are grouped accordingly. When you need to replace something, then you can do so with ease.

Label your artwork

It also helps if everything is labeled properly. This will ensure that you won’t have a hard time looking for them when needed. There are items that are yet to be done and some others are already finished. When you label them properly, then it is easy to find them. You can also get back to your unfinished task easily.

Decorate the art studio

You might think that as long as your tools are there, the art studio is already good enough. Well, your artistry may also be depicted on the studio. Therefore, it has to look amazing. If possible, you can display some of the tasks that you have already finished. When your friends come over, then they will have a glimpse of what kind of artist you are. You can also transform this small studio into an art exhibit of its kind.

Get your hands dirty

When you are done cleaning up the place, then it is time to go back to work again. This time, you will feel more inspired. You can see that everything around you is clean. You won’t have to worry about doing major cleaning later on. You just have to fix the ones that you have used with your current artwork. You just have to treat your studio like your own bedroom. It will be messy because of the kind of job that you have, but you still need to keep it clean afterwards.

Tips to Bring Your Spirit Back as an Artist

Tips to Bring Your Spirit Back as an ArtistSome people think that being an artist is an easy job. You create stuff, you sell it to people and you get rich. The truth is that it does not happen overnight. Some artists even have to work for a really long time before rewards kick in. Your failure to connect with the people and get their commendations is sometimes depressing. This is the reason why a lot of artists lose their spirit. They have the talent to create art, but when they are not inspired, nothing will come out. Whether you like it or not, this will happen to you too. You might hate the stereotype about artists being “crazy” people, but it can really leave you depressed when you have lost the energy to keep moving forward.

Thus, as soon as you feel like things have changed and you are no longer as inspired as you were before, then it is time for you to bring that energy back.

Feel refreshed all the time

One of the reasons why you are not inspired is because you feel so tired and messy. You work really hard and you end up not even taking care of yourself. The best way to deal with it is to feel refreshed always. Make sure that you shower in the morning and before you sleep. You can even change the shower head in your bathroom and feel even more excited to bathe. If you want the best shower head, you can always check out on a luxury showerhead. You can also read affordable shower head reviews if you are on a tight budget. When you get out of the shower room, you need to pamper yourself with your personalized beauty regimen. Most of all, you need to have enough sleep. It is essential that you spend enough time in bed or else you will get cranky and inspired.

Travel more

It also helps that you travel around the world and see the different cultures and traditions. The colors that you see, music that you hear and food that you taste will surely inspire you to create better art. You just need something to push you harder. If you get these types of inspirations by traveling the world, then no one should stop you from doing it.

Confront your personal issues

You might also encounter some personal problems and these issues hinder you from creating art. It is high time to face the problem head on and leave them behind. If you keep these problems in your heart, then they will burden you. Therefore, it helps a lot if you confront these issues head on and move forward. You will be surprised that this will help you do better as an artist.

In the end, you are the only one who can bring that spirit back. No matter how other people push you to do better if you are just not in the mood to do so, then nothing will happen. You know exactly what to do to be a better artist.

Van Drivers Needed!

Hello to all you Necessary Monsters and Monster fans out there!

You know that we here at Necessary Monsters believe in community, and sharing, and giving, and working together. Well of course, you know that works both ways – so here is our first (of many) requests for help. But we’re not just going to ask for money, or to send us stuff or anything like that. We want you to join the team – our team is ever changing and fluid anyway.

Right now we need drivers, van driver, bus drivers, ANYTHING drivers!

cmperJoel, founder member of Necessary Monsters, has done the lion’s share of driving for us up to this point. Many of our local adventures have started with us all piling into the back of his Volkswagen camper van, crammed full of instruments, craft materials, portable spinning wheels and kilns and whatever else the day called for! Joel would happily (usually) take us from A to B, often involving several trips and many a sing-a-long!

Well, in what is undoubtedly FANTASTIC news, Joel’s beautiful partner Annie has just announced that they are expecting their first child. They are two such fantastic people, that this child shall surely be a leader amongst us! He will lead the revolution, discover free energy, end world hunger and be great with hugs! Unfortunately for us, Joel has decided that this means he will be less available to travel with us when we go around the country, and also less available to drive us around our own city.

It’s okay Joel, we understand. We forgive you! xx

So we are putting the call out there for drivers (until these guys start working for cookies and high fives). Either drivers here in our own fair city of Portland, or drivers anywhere around the country (maybe around the world!? I’m sure sometime we will travel beyond these borders, and having someone pick us up at the airport will be much appreciated! Especially if you drive on the wrong side of the road – I’m looking at you, Britain!).

Do you have a van? A truck? A spare train?

Are you a good mechanic? A good fixer of cars (and fixer of those who drive cars?) ?

If you can help us out even once it would be truly appreciated, and we would be more than happy to welcome you into the family of Necessary Monsters! If you like driving. freeways, flasks of hot tea, guitar sing-a-longs, unplanned stops to admire scenery, a group of full-hearted young idealists redecorating your fan with pictures of monsters, and most of all, creating, sharing and being one with the community, IF THIS SOUNDS LIKE YOU then please contact us and let us know your details!

If  the above paragraph sounds like fun to you, then we think you would be perfect for us. You might just be a Necessary Monster!


If you live in another city and are familiar with our work, AND you can drive, then please get in touch and let us know. We can get trains/planes/not automobiles to your city and then you can take it from there! You will make friends and change lives, we promise you!

Get in touch, potential Monsters!

Fort Worth Stockyards

Well yeehaw – the Necessary Monsters bandwagon rolls on. And we’ve just finished rollin’ on through the Fort Worth Stockyards, Texas.

fort worth

A truly incredible venue, the Fort Worth Stockyards are home to a regular rotation of good time, Southern-style entertainment. We’re talking rodeos, country music shows, Wild West Shows and circuses. A whole new cultural experience for many of the Monsters – but new cultural experiences are our bread and butter.

Also the show we put on there was likely a new cultural experience for the good people of the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex.

When we travel to other cities and states, we aim to recreate events such as our first ever one-day festival in Portland, Oregon. Our day in Fort Worth was no exception. We were given enough space to have a number of different events and activities going on, and tried to give in a unique Southern spin. This included a chilli cook-off and a BBQ sauce contest! A lot of the Monsters are pretty good cooks and gave their best efforts, but some of the locals showed up with truly mind-blowing (and tongue burning) dishes and sauces. We learned a lot, and even picked up a few new recipes (from those willing to share their family secrets!).

The winners of both the chilli cook-off and the BBQ sauce contest agreed to take part in our “Skills-Swap” were they held a quick cookery class in how to make these incredible dishes. In return, they chose from amongst all the other “Skill-Swap” participants we had on the day. I believe one of them chose to have their hair braided (much to the amusement/embarassment of their teenage children) and the other spent some time at the kiln handmaking some mugs and plates they could then take home with them!

We had a children’s songwriting class, where we led local children to write a song over the course of 60 minutes, which would then be performed in the evening concert! This was a huge success, and we were blown away by the creativity and the sharing spirit of these young people. Many of them were already gifted in playing different instruments and those who weren’t took part either singing, playing drums or even helping at the mixing and lights desks! The children’s band (with support from some of us) played first in the evening and their song (a 9 minute opus!) was a big hit with all the crowds. There were even a few tears from proud moms and dads!

Then the Necessary Monsters supergroup took to the stage for what was our best gig yet! We had arrived in Fort Worth a few days before the show, and had a chance to practise with local lap steel guitar player Reggie McGraw. He joined us on stage for most of the gig, which was a treat for us, and an even bigger treat for his fans who were given a once in a lifetime chance to join him on stage and be part of the band! There were a lot of swooning women that night, let me tell you!

We want to give a big thanks to the kind hearts of the people of Texas. Even if you didn’t like our vegan chilli!

We’ll see y’all again soon!

Voter Registration Drive

The Necessary Monsters spent a wonderful weekend this month giving a little something back to the city that has given us so much. In the first large scale project under the banner of ‘Community Action’ we organised a Voter Registration Drive to get people registered for the upcoming midterm elections.

We want every last person in this city registered to vote!

In fact, every last person in the state – and the country.

We would say the world, but of course there are many places in the world where people cannot register to vote – because they do not have the democratic context in which to vote. This is a tragedy, as we believe in a free and democratic world. But it is what makes us realise, as American citizens, that we are truly blessed to live in a country where we can vote.

We are a non-partisan group. Looking at US politics over the last decade or so, we believe both sides have been equally ineffective. Congress has been deadlocked for too long. People don’t believe in politics anymore. And as such, voter numbers are down all over the country.

Well, we decided we would do the little that we can do, and show anyone watching that there are still people here that care.

We want to involve others, we want to be involved.

We want to hear your voice, we want our voices to be heard.

We will shout loud enough that they will hear us all over this land.

votersEach journey begins with a single step, and so we hit the streets in our very own city to register as many people to vote as we could – and to encourage them to encourage others! We got mobilized to help others get mobilized!

Of course, we wouldn’t be Necessary Monsters if we didn’t do things with as much creativity and fun as we could. So we hit the road with a travelling band, and an old ice-cream wagon (like you see on the beach) re-purposed to be a travelling voter registration wagon. Bright colours, balloons, music, singing, dancing – who says politics has to be boring!

Big thanks to the good people at Do Something, whose advice we followed on how to organise a voter registration drive, all of which was enormously helpful. We made ourselves a travelling jamboree of good times, because it is not legal in this state to exchange treats or presents for people’s registration – but there’s no law saying you can’t sing songs and gave a fun time while you do it!

The results were fantastic, and as well as registering people to vote, we also spread the word about Necessary Monsters (something we don’t have to be non-partisan about!). Like a snowball of delightfulness, we gathered volunteers everywhere we went, so that the team was growing as it was moving. All this gave us more reach and impact than we thought possible.

For five straight days we did this, each day targeting different areas of the city, each day meet new people, making new friends, and having a good time.

We are prodding the shoulder of the sleeping giant that is true American democracy.

Wake up. Necessary Monsters are here.

Wake up!